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Many Moons Book Conservation

Before and After

Many Moons Book Conservation specializes in the repair of

  • books
  • flat papers, such as
    • maps,
    • art on paper,
    • certificates.

We restore precious artifacts that have been marred by

  • stains,
  • water damage,
  • heavy wear or rough handling,

so they can be enjoyed by future generations. Whether you have a library of books, or a single document that needs repair, we’ll be happy to work with you. We bring intuition, creativity, skill and passion to our work.

Conservation consciously and deliberately repairs books, archival materials, family documents, and art on paper. Conservators plan treatments that use permanent and durable materials, striving to use reversible adhesives and repair techniques, and always considering the item’s condition, structure, age, and use (or misuse) in the past, and probable use in the future.