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About Us

Susan Lunas, chief conservator, has practiced book and flat paper conservation for over twenty years. She brings to her craft keen observation skills that allow her not only to find the problem areas of a document, but also to discern the cause of the problem so that further deterioration is prevented. Susan prides herself on her ability to make a repair “disappear.” She is passionate about mending books and flat paper items so that they can be used and appreciated by present and future generations.

before and after of paper picture, adhered to a piece of 3/8ths inch thick ceramic

Susan has a Master of Library Science degree in Conservation of Library and Archival Materials from Columbia University, with a Conservation of Materials certificate from New York University. She has repaired artifacts and provided conservation consultations for several prestigious libraries, museums and universities – the Kan Wah Chung Museum, the Monmouth County Historical Association, the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, the Alden Library at Ohio University, the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University. She worked for several years as the conservator at Ohio University where she managed the conservation department, repaired items and trained preservation staff.

In private practice, Ms. Lunas has repaired or restored a variety of flat paper documents – family trees, marriage certificates, maps, prints, drawings, and watercolors. She has repaired books of all sizes, some very old, in a variety of conditions. Susan uses only the finest materials and applies her skills with great care to all of her client’s treasures – whether they are priceless historical artifacts, valuable antiques or personal mementos.

Susan served as the editor of the Binder’s Guild Newsletter for seven years. She is currently Vice-Chair for Conservators in Private Practice, a specialty group of AIC (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works).