a Luna moth

Our Process

How to Order a Repair

Getting an Estimate

The first step in getting your item repaired by Many Moons, is allowing us to assess the item’s condition. In order to do this, we need to communicate with you by phone or e-mail and see images of the item. Following this initial consultation, we’ll give you a preliminary estimate and instructions for how to ship your item to our shop.

A composition book before treatment
A composition book after treatment

Proposal of Work

Once we have the item in our shop, we’ll be able to examine it more closely and decide on the best course of treatment. At this point, we’ll write up a treatment proposal, outlining what work is to be done and the costs involved. Before work can begin, every project must have a signed treatment proposal. Large projects require a 50% down payment.


When the work is complete, we’ll contact you to arrange for payment and to discuss your delivery options.